“Disrupting Class” – Book Review

Once upon a time, computers were large, cumbersome, hard-to-operate, and expensive. Then Apple created a personal computer, broke into the market, stole the market shares from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and revolutionized the world. Well, not exactly. Apple didn’t compete directly with DEC – to do so would have been futile given the stronghold DEC […]

Teens #TrustParents More than the Internet with Health Questions

Teens have many questions about their health. What makes a balanced diet? How do I get rid of acne? What are some tips for dealing with anxiety? When it comes to answering those questions, new research from the Center on Media and Human Development School of Communication at Northwestern University shows that 96% of teens […]

Summer Learning Event @DemmeLearning

Last Friday, Demme Learning hosted students from La Plaza, an after-school program based in Lancaster city that uses our Math-U-See and Spelling You See programs. We gave them a tour of the office and warehouse and had stations setup where employees would share how they used math and spelling in their day to day jobs. […]