Book Review: From Pariahs To Partners

Recently, I read David Tobis’ book on child welfare entitled: From Pariahs To Partners: How Parents And Their Allies Changed New York City’s Child Welfare System. Tobis was the Executive Director of the Child Welfare Fund and has worked to reform child welfare in the United States for more than three decades. In his book, Tobis tackles […]

Toward A Theory of Instruction (Bruner) – Book Review

Jerome Bruner is one of the foremost education psychologists. A graduate of Duke University (B.A.) and Harvard (Ph.D.), Bruner has contributed greatly to the study of development, cognitive ability, and pedagogy. I recently read a collection of his essays published in a book entitled “Toward A Theory of Instruction.” Jean Piaget is perhaps one of […]

Digital Learning Report Card 2014

The Foundation for Excellence in Education released their 2014 Digital Learning Report Card. Introducing the report, the CEO of ExcelinEdu, Patricia Levesque, writes: “Digital learning has the power to connect students with the best teachers in the world. It can offer all students access to hard-to-serve courses and groundbreaking career and technical education as well as vocational […]

The Secret of Childhood (Montessori) – Book Review

Few people have had as dramatic an influence on modern ideas of child education as Maria Montessori. Born in 1870, Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. Maria drew on her own experiences working with children as well as insights from her Roman Catholic faith to pioneer a new way to help children learn. Her […]

May the Fourth Be With You – Star Wars and Lifelong Learning

Growing up my brothers and I would get out our Star Was action figures and reenact the Star Wars movies. We did this every Saturday. We were teenagers. We were are a little nerdy. We were homeschooled. Not only was our Star Wars reenactments lots of fun, research suggests that this kind of imaginative play is actually very […]