Blogging with disabilities

I ran across this interesting blog today []

The blog is about “People With Disabilities in Cambodia” and is run by Heng Phan who described the blogs purpose as this, “My goal just want to share some reality of the Cambodian Poor People living with in the communities, especially about the disabled persons and children with disabilities.”

One of the posts was about a new training course to teach Cambodians with disabilities how to blog.

Throught this training course we hope that they will knew: What is the new free technology media: What is Blog? How is Blog working? How to create Blog? What is the advantage of the Blog? we hope Cambodian disabled people understand and will have abilities to create and use Blog and will knew cleary about the advantage of using the new free technology media system.

Their goal through all of this is to “Help Disabled People to Help Themselves”

Personally I think this is awesome! and I hope the training goes well. I’ve been sort of involved with Joni and Friends eastern PA and hopefully will be helping them get started in the blogging world. Blogging and other social media could have a great impact on the disabled community. Joni and friends has several family camps during the year and could easily use blogging and social networking to keep in touch during the year.

There is a lot of bad stuff in the world but I am constantly encouraged by hearing the good news of people reaching out and helping each other.

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