Thank You For Your Support

A big thanks to all the voters who came out and to my family and volunteers who worked hard to spread our message of reforming Harrisburg. It was a great race and I congratulate Scott Martin on a great win. I appreciated his focus and dialogue on the issues during the campaign. He will serve the 13th well and I look forward to supporting him in November.

3 Reasons to Vote for Ethan Demme – An Experienced Innovator


Here are three reasons to vote for Ethan Demme.

  1. As an elected township supervisor Ethan has a proven conservative record of standing for public safety and fiscal responsibility.
  2. As a small business owner Ethan has a proven conservative record of creating jobs and managing budgets to grow his business.
  3. As a lifelong conservative Ethan has a proven record of defending the right to life, defending the 2nd amendment and fighting for Harrisburg reforms such as, No Budget No Pay, No Pensions for elected officials, Term Limits and a return to a part time legislature.

On Tuesday April 26th, vote for an Experienced Innovator.

Video – Bull Manure in your Mailbox


Tired of bull manure in your mailbox? Watch this video to see what I think then scroll down for links to discussions about the issues.

Catholic Witness Voters Guide

catholicwitnessThe Catholic Witness released their voters guide for the upcoming election. Here are a couple highlights from the guide. You can read the entire voters guide here.

In the 13th Senate District Ethan Demme and Scott Martin were the only candidates to respond. Greg Paulson and Neal Rice refused to answer.

The Catholic Witness is the newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, PA. It is distributed to nearly 80,000 homes in 15 counties of Pennsylvania.

Question: Which statement reflects your position most accurately?

a. I support legalized abortion.
b. I oppose legalized abortion in all circumstances.
c. I oppose legalized abortion, except when the life of the mother is in danger or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.


  • Demme (R-13) b. I oppose legalized abortion in all circumstances. All life, from conception to natural death, is created in the image of God and as such deserves full legal protection regardless of the circumstances.
  • Martin (R-13) c. I oppose legalized abortion, except when the life of the mother is in danger or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.
  • Rice (R-13) Refused to Answer
  • Paulson (D-13) Refused to Answer

Question: What is your position on amending Pennsylvania’s anti-discrimination laws for housing, employment and public accommodation to include sexual orientation?

a. They should include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” as protected classes, no exceptions.
b. They should contain specific provisions to protect the religious liberties of religious institutions and the rights of conscience of business owners.
c. No change is necessary.


  • Demme (R-13) b. They should contain specific provisions to protect the religious liberties of religious institutions and the rights of conscience of business owners.
  • Martin (R-13) c. However, we must continue to strive to protect religious liberties and rights of conscience of our citizens.
  • Rice (R-13) Refused to Answer
  • Paulson (D-13) Refused to Answer

Make sure and read the entire voters guide to find out where all the candidates stand on the issues and ask Neal Rice and Greg Paulson why they refused to answer the questions.

View the issues page to see where Ethan Demme stands on all the issues and how we can build a better Pennsylvania.


10 Important Issues the Media Won’t Cover

demme-1-e1447960011946In this campaign I have been struck by the disconnect between the questions about issues that people ask when I talk to them and the questions that the media asks. It seems that the media would rather stir up controversy than talk about important issues. So here are 10 important issues that I care about that you won’t hear about from the media.

  1. Comprehensive K-3 Reading Intervention. Reading is the gateway to knowledge and if children aren’t mastering that skill early, then they will struggle for years to come. Comprehensive reading intervention is a way to ensure that students are prepared for success before moving on to higher grades.
  2. Promote Effective Teacher Advancement Programs. Accelerate student achievement by providing clear advancement pathways for teachers. Providing career ladders, ongoing professional development, instructional accountability, and weighted performance based compensation, can promote an environment of trust and sustained academic growth in schools.
  3. Families are the core of a strong Pennsylvania and a sustainable civil society. Harrisburg needs to recognize the value of strong families and work with them, instead of competing against them. When families are strong, Pennsylvania is strong.
  4. Reform the tax code to promote the fair treatment of families. We can promote working families by giving them access to an earned income tax credit and a dependent care tax credit. Businesses can also be incentivized to offer pro family policies by providing a tax credit to them when they offer paid family leave.
  5. Ensure that families have access to affordable housing so that parents can have the opportunity to take care of their families and build a better future.
  6. Ensure a sustainable transportation infrastructure so that families aren’t hit with extra costs due to damage from poor road conditions or lost wages due to unreliable public transportation.
  7. Don’t hold social programs hostage when we don’t have a budget. Social agencies and schools should be flat-funded in the case of no-budget so that politicians can’t play games with the least among us.
  8. Give Pennsylvanians with disabilities and their families access to ABLE accounts so they can achieve more financial independence by allowing them to work and save money without putting their benefits in jeopardy.
  9. End hunger in Pennsylvania by working with food banks as well as their charitable distribution partners. Ending hunger is the right thing to do and it has economic benefits. By investing in hunger prevention, we can reduce long-term costs and increase individual’s personal incomes.
  10. Protecting our farmland is in everyone’s best interest so we should continue to fund and encourage farmland preservation efforts in Lancaster county.

Ask the other candidates where they stand on these important issues and make an informed decision when you cast your ballot. If you agree that these are important issues and you like my solutions please vote for me on April 26th.



-Ethan Demme

P.S. If you have any further questions just give me a call or email me. 717-723-8426 ethan[at]