National Summit: Summary #EIE15


I had a wonderful time attending the 2015 National Summit on Education Reform in Denver Colorado. The theme for the event was Onward and Upward: Operation Student Success. Here are some tweets from the event:

Pennsylvania was well represented at the event with members from the house and senate and we had several great conversations about the future of education reform in Pennsylvania. I’m looking forward to what our ed reform leaders in PA will be able to do over the next few years.

I tagged on an extra day and had the opportunity to climb Mt. Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. Overall it was a great conference with some excellent speakers with some great ideas that can be implemented in Pennsylvania.


#EIE15 – Live-tweeting the 2015 National Summit on Education Reform

I am en route to Denver for the 2015 National Summit on Education Reform. I’ll be live-tweeting on Thursday and Friday. You can view the live-tweets below or just follow me on twitter and join in the conversation. @ethandemme