Learn about Versailles with Google

Ever wanted to learn about Versailles but couldn’t visit? Well google can now take you on a tour. They have done a full 3D model of Versailles and show all the changes made over the decades. Watch the videos and if you are using google chome (and you should be) visit http://www.chaostoperfection.com/ and view it in full screen mode. Amazing. Also visit http://www.versailles3d.com/en/ to see the 3D model, explore and even play a game in which you help build the palace. Overall a great learning tool from google.

Versailles, from Louis XIII to the French Revolution

What did Versailles look like before Louis XIV? How did the small hunting lodge of Louis XIII become the largest Palace in Europe? What embellishments did the young Sun King want in his Palace of festivities and amusements? Did you know that the Hall of Mirrors was originally a terrace overlooking the gardens?


Versailles, Chaos to perfection

From the Grand Canal to the King’s bedchamber, including the Orangerie, the Hall of Mirrors and the Colonnade grove, Chaos to Perfection takes the visitor on a tour of Versailles.


h/t Open Culture

Reaching the Homeschool Community

Reaching the Homeschool Community

A primer for organizations, businesses and politicians

The homeschool community is a fast growing, diverse and well networked group of parents who have taken it upon themselves to teach their children at home.

Currently there are an estimated 2 million homeschoolers in the United States. The growth of homeschooling has created a niche market that many businesses and groups now see a value in communicating with.

To really understand the homeschool community you need to have a basic understanding of it’s history.

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