What Parents Search for in Edu Ipad Apps – Kindertown

Want actual date on what criteria parents use when searching for education apps? Well look no further Kindertown (the educational app store for parents) has opened up and shared data from over 120,000 recent searches. Head on over and see the results. A piece of data that jumped out to me showed that language and math apps are the most searched for although the market in that category is much more competitive.

Type as a Search Criteria

  • Language is the most popular subject (35%) followed by Math (34.2%)
  • Pre-Reading, Number Sense, Reading, and Geometry (which includes Shapes) are the most popular categories within those subjects.
  • Developers should refrain from assuming it’s a great idea to target the most popular areas. These are often (if not always) the most competitive app markets too.


eBook Review: The House of Morgan

If I had purchased this as a “real” book instead of an ebook it would still be on my shelf. Fortunately I bought the kindle version and couldn’t tell how long it was. I purchased the book based on the recommendation of the Forbes list, “The 20 most influential business books.” I reading it and after what seemed like a small eternity I looked down and saw that I was 1% of the way through the book. But by that time I was hooked and kept on reading.

I read the first 20% of the book on my iPad and finished on my kindle. As an aside I like reading on both but the eInk display makes it easier to read for hours at a time.

Back to the review. The House of Morgan is fantastic and an excellent read. That is of course if you enjoy learning about “An American Banking Dynasty and the rise of Modern Finance”. Ron Chernow spent years researching this epic treatise and I am glad he did. I learned more about finance, banks, bankers and government regulations in this one book than I have by regularly reading the Wall Street Journal. And as a side note the WSJ make a heck of a lot more sense after reading this book and learning the history behind the various companies.

Anyone who wants to learn about the present needs to first learn about the past. As Seymour Morris Jr. said in “American History Revisited” “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”. If you get the chance and are interested in the subject matter then read this book it will be well worth your time and I highly recommend it.

Here are a few of my highlighted portions of the book:

Their strategy was to make clients feel accepted into a private club, as if a Morgan account were a membership card to the aristocracy.

The bank won’t soil its white gloves with just anybody’s cash,

Like many who have overcome early hardship by brute force, he was proud but insecure, always at war with the world and counting his injuries.

“When the streets of Paris are running with blood, I buy.”

telescopic philanthropy—bountiful love for abstract humanity combined with extreme stinginess toward the individuals he knew personally.

Mexico was a resource-rich country that always held out a seductive promise of prosperity,

“an institution is the lengthened shadow of a man,”

“The world is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit. Try if you can to belong to the first class, there is far less competition.”

iPads and Blogging

Blogging has changed over the years, 7 years ago when i started blogging it was still new. In college, blogging was social networking and xanga was all the rage. Since then blogging went mainstream and a whole new world of social networking was discovered. As a result blogging became less popular but more important.

With the ease and connectivity of new sites like facebook and Twitter traditional blogging has become the realm of those passionate about a topic who are wiling to put in the time to blog about it. In essence social networking scraped off the short form content creators and left blogging to the medium and long form creators.

All that to say that I’m experimenting with my iPad and medium form content. Many years ago this blog was titled “ruminations” meaning half digested thoughts and that is what I intend to post more of.

Let me know what you think?