#EIE15 – Live-tweeting the 2015 National Summit on Education Reform

I am en route to Denver for the 2015 National Summit on Education Reform. I’ll be live-tweeting on Thursday and Friday. You can view the live-tweets below or just follow me on twitter and join in the conversation. @ethandemme

EdPolicy Online Courses

Foundation_for_Excellence_in_EducationThe Foundation for Excellence in Education is a leading think-tank in the world of education reform. Leaders associated with the organization include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education Joel Klein.

Recently, ExcelInEd launched three online courses – self-paced and free – on education policy. I have taken two of the three courses and benefited from the videos and assigned readings.

The first course was Securing Our Nation’s Future: The Urgent Need For Education Reform

A main reading resource: Turn and Face the Strain

The second class was Data Privacy? Get Schooled.

The third class is Communications Boot Camp Winning the Ed Reform Conversation

A main reading resource: 5 Essential Habits of the Network’s Top Communicators

All of these courses are highly informative and worth taking. Best of all,  these courses are student-paced so you can fit it around your schedule and get access to great information free of charge.


Are we still “A Nation at Risk” after 30 years?

Thirty years ago the Reagan administration released a ground breaking report called “A Nation at Risk”. 30 years later, what has changed and are will still a nation at risk. The Fordham institute took at look and talked with Bill Bennett about what has changed and what still needs to be done.

Watch this video looking back on the release of “the single most influential document in the history of American education.”


Thirty years ago, A Nation at Risk sounded alarm bells on the state of our nation’s education system. Since this pivotal paper was issued, what has changed in American education and American society—and what still needs to happen?

Watch former U.S. education secretary William J. Bennett, eminent author, social and political commentator, talk about our schools, our culture, our past three decades, and our future.


h/t The Fordham Institute

Asenath Andrews “You don’t need shoes, you need wings” #SXSWedu

I had the privilege of seeing Asenath Andrews speak this year at #SXSWedu in Austin Texas. She is an inspiration and an ongoing reminder that all children should have the opportunity to succeed. Watch the video and/or scroll down to see some of the nuggets I tweeted during her speech.

Keynote: Asenath Andrews – SXSWedu 2013 from SXSWedu on Vimeo.