Hiking Lancaster’s Conservancy Land

Yesterday Anna and I spent the afternoon hiking on Steinman’s run and Trout run, two beautiful tracts of land owned by the Lancaster County Conservancy.

If you are not familiar with the Lancaster county conservancy check out their website. or become a fan on facebook.

The mission of the Lancaster County Conservancy is to save and steward the ecosystems and landscapes upon which we depend for food, clean water and air, economic and public health, and the restoration of soul and spirit.

Steinman’s run has several miles of trails and is quite hilly. Trout run has several miles of trails which are pretty flat and run along the creek. Here is the google map link of you want to visit.

It was a perfect day for a hike and here are a few pictures. It will be even prettier once the leaves start popping out.

Trout Run
Climbing the Rocks
Railroad Overpass

In talking with people I’ve found out that most people don’t know about all the great hiking in Lancaster county. I’ve found that Lancaster has some of the best hiking around and you don’t have to go very far to find it.

So get out there and enjoy your own backyard.

Canoeing through Lancaster

Yesterday my lovely wife and I had a grand adventure. Alas no pictures because I left the camera at home.

We hopped in a canoe and proceeded to paddle roughly 30 mile through the heart of Lancaster, right through the city, under 23, 462, 272, 741. It was fun, tiring and created quite the sunburn let me tell ya.

Probably the neatest thing was to see the places I have driven near hundreds of times, but this time I was seeing them from a different perspective. Who knew such elegant mansions and drab slums could share the same river and only be separated by a few tenths of a mile.

The more I get out and enjoy nature the more I become a environmentalist. Something about paddling past and through the various sewers emptying into the river will do that to you. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for good clean sewage, it helps things to grow, but what I’m not for is the white bubbling mass that covers sections of the river and hisses and steams as you paddle through it. We did get to see hundreds of ducks, kingfishers, herons, I saw a fawn, but none of these animals were anywhere near the sewer runoff. Coincidence?