Public Events Announced for the Lancaster Active Transportation Plan


Here is some information about upcoming public events in Lancaster from a press release regarding the Lancaster Active Transportation Plan. 

The Lancaster County Planning Commission, the City of Lancaster, and the Lancaster Intermunicpal Committee announce a series of upcoming events for the public to review, comment, and learn more about plans to encourage cycling and walking throughout the county. The Lancaster Active Transportation Plan is a joint effort by all three entities to work together to build a network of offroad and on-road cycling facilities as well as expand the system of sidewalks and trails in urban, suburban and rural areas. The network would be designed for both recreation purposes and commuting to and from work. In addition, the plan will seek to coordinate bike and pedestrian facilities with mass transit service provided by RRTA to provide flexibility and alternatives to driving automobiles for short trips.

Active transportation has enormous impacts on both personal health and the quality of life in our communities. Walking and biking reduces the levels of obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stress levels and depression. This results in lower healthcare costs for everyone. Active transportation cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. It can be financially beneficial too. On average, it costs $6,000-$8,000 per year to own and operate a motor vehicle, but only $150 per year for a bicycle. It reduces air pollutants, noise pollution and congestion. And finally, active transportation can help build stronger communities by increasing contact between neighbors and having more “eyes on the street.”

There are three upcoming events for the public to participate in the planning process. All three events will include general information about the Active Transpiration Plan, but each will have a different focus. The events are as follows:

  • Proposed “Goat Path” Trail Open House – Tuesday, April 25th, from 3-5:00 PM, at the Upper Leacock Township War Memorial Building (54 W. Main Street, Leola, PA 17540). This event will focus on the “Goat Path” trail section of the proposed Greater Lancaster Heritage Pathway. This proposed trail project runs from Bareville to Lancaster General Health’s Suburban Pavilion.
  • Trails and Greenways Open House – Tuesday, April 25th, from 5-7:00 PM at the Lancaster City Council Chambers (120 N Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17603). This event will focus on some of the featured trails and greenways in the Active Transportation Plan such as Lancaster City’s NE Greenway section of the Greater Lancaster Heritage Pathway and the Engleside Greenway.
  • Lancaster Active Transportation Plan Open Studio – Wednesday, April 26th, from 9:00 AM – Noon, at the Lancaster City Council Chambers (120 N Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17603). This event will focus on the process of developing the Lancaster Active Transportation Plan and its status.

For more information about the Lancaster Active Transportation Plan, go to

Summer Reading At Your Library


“I like libraries. It makes me feel comfortable and secure to have walls of words, beautiful and wise, all around me. I always feel better when I can see that there is something to hold back the shadows.” -Roger Zelazny

Summer is almost here and that means it’s soon time to sign your child or teen up for a Summer Reading Program at your local library. Every year, businesses (including local Lancaster County businesses) donate coupons and prizes to incentive students into completing a reading challenge. The summer months off school often result in a staggering loss of learning. Keeping your kids reading helps them retain what they’ve learned during the school year and also gives them opportunities to do their own independent learning, whether reading about maps or horses or computer programming!

Of course, libraries aren’t just for kids. Even with your busy summer schedule, consider setting goals for yourself. During those beach days or on the blistering hot August days when you’re camped inside with the AC on, try to squeeze in some time to read a novel or biography or memoir. Some libraries also offer adult reading programs so maybe the chance of winning an Amazon giftcard will help encourage you to do some reading this summer.  My goodreads goal is to read 30 books this year.

Make sure you also ask about summer events at your library; there are often great educational programs and fun events for all age groups (including adults) hosted all throughout the summer. Consider going to programs and events as a family.

There are 18 libraries in Lancaster County. To find out which one is closest to your family, click here.

Here is a recent video (10 minutes) from The Atlantic showing why libraries still matter by highlighting modern libraries in New York: